Living Waters Park

Living Waters Park on Lake Arlington


Living  Waters Park Development will include Yacht Club, marina with dock and Bait & Tackle Shop. Kids Corral with bus parking, Discovery Woods and Adventure Playground, Sports Court, Oaksfield Pavilion, Botanical Gardens, Orchard, Great Lawn, Shoreview Amphitheater, Gardens-on-the-Lake, Village Creek Lodge, Reflecting Pond, Caddo Crossing, and Waterfall Chapel. Last but not least, 8 condo single unit.  

======================= Design Philosophy


* To embrace the water sports cultures from east to west, north to south.
*To create a place that celebrates people and nature.
*To bring the community and families in a special place.
*To bring the development of the area in a way that enhances and preserves opportunities for existing residents. 

Living Waters Park Development Plan


Living Waters Park's development plan is dedicated to improving the conditions of East Fort Worth, Tarrant County and surrounding areas in Texas, to bridge cultures by bringing communities together geographically, socially and economically, and will fulfill this unique purpose being constructed utilizing an array of indoor and outdoor services, programs & opportunities for example, Lodging, Private and Public Events, Corporate Events, Non-profit programs Recreational Activities.   

Living Waters Park Botanical Gardens


There has never been a better time than to get married in our beautiful garden with our  unique beautiful flowers. 

Living Waters Park Waterfall Chapel


Only waterfall chapel in the United States, that you can have weddings & memorials outdoor.

Living Waters Park 8-bedroom Lodge


8 bedroom lodge with grand living room.  With over 5,500 sq ft. of luxurious room. 

Living Waters Park